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im at the library...chillin like a villain with bob dillan on penicillin. oh yeeah.

hmmm. i am at the library on the computer because my momma will NOT let me use the comp at our wonderhome. grrrr. im so pissed it makes me wanna scream or something. im reading some funny books, and this 45 y/o guy is like making eyes at like...ignoring it keepin' my ground. lol. i see a slouching woman, she is slouching, i see the cutest little baby girl, about 2 or 3 with sunburn marks under her eyes. she has the biggest blue eyes. it makes me want to have a baby.
I have been having so many freakin dreams about me having a baby. its so scary. its like, i have the baby, and then its like, dead, and i carry it around trying to revive it. then in another dream that i recently had, the baby turned into a slice of pizza when i looked down at it. it is the scariest thing in the whole world i guess. having a dead baby. i would be so depressed it isnt even funny. The baby is gray in the dream, and i have cuts on my legs. i dont know who the father of the child is, but i do know that it scared the fuck out of me when i woke up and i was all distraught because it really felt like i had a baby, and i thought it would be dead. its the worst thing in the world i tell you. the worst!.
Im listening to Kidney Thieves. best band ever. i love them. i just went to Envision Crystal and i bought Tarot Cards...for no reason at all...then the lady gave me this stuff that you light on fire to keep bad luck away. so im happy.
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