thin for someone special (shockmesane) wrote,
thin for someone special


hmm....nothing to do. Listening to Portishead, eating cereal. bored as hell. if you are doing, or feeling the same way..reply! such a dumbass
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i'm bored, kinda worried, but yet excited at the same time. heh wooo i dunno how i can feel all that at one time heh. and i'mmmm listening to fictional *flexes* i'm just cool like that :P

Deleted comment

k...if you would have read the whole thing and not have been all upset about it, NEXT to YOUR picture it says that you are one of the most beautiful people ive seen it says he: this is the most beautiful person ive ever not using it as me at ALL! blonde, and i have green eyes. i dont look like that at all...i should have asked you, but i just put it up cuz you were so pretty, i wasnt using it as myself...
im so bored im commenting to myself. goin crazy..cabinfever..aarrrrrrgggghhh!.lol..