thin for someone special (shockmesane) wrote,
thin for someone special

To Kristin: The only one who could see me when i was invisible...

Dear Krissi, Before i move i want you to know that i am sitting in the library cryin like a baby, makeup runnin down my a "fat mess" LMAO...those douche bags. but i jsut want you to know that i love and cherish you, and respect you and i will NEVER no matter WHAT i do, forget you. you are one of the most intellegent people i know...wait a ARE the most intellegent person i know. i am going to miss you so darn not LEAVING you...ill always be there with are the only person that i can truly talk to without having you critisize me, and be all "up in mah face" about certain people..::cough cough aliciaandkayla cough cough::
but you know.. i mean, you know exactly how i feel...and who else is gonna tease you about the Crown of Dalemark, and you reading it every waking fucking second of your life...
::set in...Kristin's birth::
Doctor: Here she comes!
Doctor: Its a girl! a book! THE CROWN OF DALEMARK! A MIRACLE!

::meanwhile, back in reality::
Kyle: HULLO?!?!? Kristin?! will you PLEASE go out with me! i will tie my dick to a tree and jump painfully...not that the rope fits around most Twizzlers anyway..::wakka wakka!::
Kristin: Kyle. Fuck off. i hate you.
Angela *intervening*: Kyle, get it through your dumb ass head. you suck. no one likes you. so stop harassing her you fucking douche bag! (LOL... sorry i cant help

So now i am here in the library, crying, laughing,...going into manic its all ova mah Krissi besht gonna miss you more than going to totally keep in touch w/ you forever...and (and my shins) forgive you...LOL...
Love Always and Forever and Eternally throughout eternity, Angela (and mah shins) hehe...I love you! mah best friend..

P.S. Walmart, and Refill Refunds...LOL...

P.S.S. Grandma: those dirty chinks!
Krissi: ::cracking up, rolling over::
Ang: Gram! you Racist! lol
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