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woooooo! happy and hyper mee! wooooo!

I HATE JIMMY SARLO AND I HOPE HE FUCKIN DIES!! jeez. i can't believe i can hate someone so much, but kinda still feel jealous...IRK! weird. i do hate him tho. im totally over that dumb fucker. i hope he dies. yesh. die die die. hrrrrm. i love Gorillaz. lol. they rock. Kayla hatez me cuz now im a prep or what not...well, kayla...FUCK OFF! FUCK YOU!!! MUWAHAHAHA!!!!. yesh. i hate many. i love many. i um...yeah...well i love all the nice people who luv meh. yesh. you know who u are! and i luvz you! Jess. Krissi. Charles. JON!! I LOVE YOU JON! YOU ARE THE SEXIEST BIATCH!! MAAACKKIN!! LOL!
Today i got into a fight with my teacher. he hates me. and i was all up with my rights and shit. and he was pissed so he called the stupid dwarf of a Assistant Principal *(Keyword: ASS)* and i got yelled at. that dumb fucker.
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