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Yo wuzzup homiez! gotta make it quick! momma allowed me online for 15 minutes! woooohooo!!

hey! im watching The Devil's Advocate, its the weirdest fuckin movie. omg. i love my mommy...heheheeee...yesterday way my last day with jessica and i was crying and upset, and she gave me a ring that said "i love you" i was so freaking sad; she is my other best friend. my social best friend...then there is Charli...she is the one who's there all the time and always wants to go out. lol..i love them all. but its so fuckin sad. i was hysterical. im still dilusional about me moving. trying to convince myself its not happening. but it is. i know it is. i just dont WANT to know it is. i am a mess. sad. delusional...irk irk irk.
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